Growing Stronger Together

Family Hope Foundation helps create futures that are full of potential and possibility. We provide West Michigan families with access to therapies, resources, and events so children with disabilities can experience growth, independence, and bright futures.


Our Therapy Scholarship Program helps children with disabilities get access to therapy with limited or no insurance coverage.


We offer an ever-expanding directory of therapy and support providers and a library of educational materials and activities.


Our Family Fun Events offer families an enjoyable social experience, creating a sense of community, where families can relax without worry and stress.

Give the Gift of Ability

When a child can communicate freely or move independently, the possibilities are boundless. You can give the gift of boundless potential and boundless hope with a contribution to our Therapy Scholarships Program. Give the priceless gift of a boundless future by donating today!


Read more stories about Family Hope Foundation’s impact on local children and families.

Receiving a Family Hope Foundation scholarship is a wonderful gift for our family. Occupational and speech therapy have been monumental for Vaughn. It has brought our family so much hope. With this scholarship, we will be able to continue his therapy with financial peace.

As my son stands alone and watches other children his age run and jump—which he cannot do—my heart breaks. Therapeutic riding is an opportunity for my son Ezra to feel strong and solid rhythmic legs beneath him. Alone, I couldn’t make this experience a reality. We are both blessed immensely by this scholarship!

We are so grateful that John will be able to receive weekly therapy for his Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD. With the scholarship’s support, we can afford to give John the care and guidance he needs. His therapy has brought such an improvement in his quality of life.

We are so grateful for the community support and the people who care enough to invest in our child. This scholarship gives our family the ability to continue to help our son, James, develop skills to become his best self physically, emotionally, and socially.

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