Family Hope Foundation invests in the present and future success of individuals impacted by disability through scholarships, family events, and resources. 

Family Hope Foundation is an established 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing resources, activities, support, and funding for therapies to families of children with disabilities in West Michigan.

Our premise is simple: Each child deserves the chance to reach their highest potential. Children with physical, emotional, or developmental disabilities can succeed if the community nurtures their abilities and creates an atmosphere for success.

Family Hope Foundation is unique in the West Michigan region. There are no other organizations providing therapy scholarships and support for a wide range of diagnoses. Our organization strives to support all families in their search to enhance their child’s ability and potential.

Family Hope Foundation was founded in 2009 by a group of parents of children with disabilities. They’d experienced the difference it made to their child and family to have a solid support system in place.

Programs & Resources

Therapy Scholarship Program

We believe that when children with disabilities get the type of therapy they need, from quality therapists, they thrive. And when the child thrives, the whole family thrives! This is the goal of our Therapy Scholarship Program—a program that addresses a large gap in the system, where there is often limited or no insurance coverage.

Family Fun Events

It can be challenging for families of children with disabilities to get out and enjoy activities together. Our Family Fun Events offer families an enjoyable social experience, creating a sense of community, where families can relax without worry and stress. Sign up for our email list and like us on Facebook to receive up-to-date information on events.

Resources and Information

Family Hope Foundation is an information source for a wide range of diagnoses. We offer an ever-expanding list of therapy providers, resources, and a library of educational materials and activities. Our emails and newsletters keep families informed about our scholarship program, upcoming events, and the latest Family Hope Foundation information. Sign up for our email list.

Advocacy and Education

Our goal is to continue to educate the public, to focus on ability rather than disability, creating a better community for everyone. Advocacy and Education are core values of Family Hope Foundation.

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Board & Staff

Meet the committed and talented Board of Directors and staff of Family Hope Foundation. Our board includes business leaders, financial professionals, field practitioners, educators, community leaders, and parents of children with special needs—all driven to make a difference and help your child succeed.

How You Can Help

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