An Answered Prayer

An Answered Prayer

by Jane Eppard | 12.05.2020

The meaning of the name Eliana is “God has answered.” To her parents, Eliana Akos Wetters is indeed and answered prayer.

At age five, Eliana flew from Ghana to live in Michigan with her new family. Her nickname, which she prefers, is Kosie. It is similar to her Ghanaian name, Akos. The meaning of the name Eliana is “God has answered.” To her parents, Eliana Akos Wetters is indeed an answered prayer. She has filled their home with joy and brightens a room with her smile.

Since day one, Kosie has had plenty of energy. She loves to swim, take walks, and dance to music. Disability has never made her unable! She takes in life to the fullest with her vibrant personality, a blend of sassy and oh-so-sweet. Being “non-verbal” doesn’t hinder her from self-expression.

While the Wetters knew Kosie’s original diagnoses of cerebral palsy and microcephaly at age five, they didn’t quite know the depth. After Kosie was settled at home, they were able to set up appointments for therapy and treatment in order to help Kosie continue to learn and progress.

Her pediatric neurologist suggested hippotherapy, which is the use of horseback riding as a rehabilitative treatment for improving coordination, balance, and strength. Most parents of children with special needs can attest that therapy comes at a cost and some therapies, like hippotherapy, are not covered under insurance. That is why a scholarship from Family Hope Foundation was a wonderful gift to Kosie. She was able to go to Renew Therapeutic Riding Center where she’s ridden—Dailee and Honey—the past couple of years. Not only does Kosie love riding, but it has also strengthened her core and taught her new things.

Eliana Akos is now 9 ½ years old. She is doing great and growing like crazy. In this, we see yet again, the truth of her name.

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