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We’re making changes

Growing up, I always knew I wanted a job with a purpose. What I didn’t expect was for my cup to overflow. It took 26 years to get there, but it [...]
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Silence isn’t bliss

There was a time when I thought silence was bliss. But then my son stopped talking. It wasn’t sudden—a slow progression over the last year. Now, the silence in my [...]
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The Gift of Accessibility

As December winds down, I like to take time to reflect on the past year. So much has happened, and so much has changed.  Change can be something you never [...]
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Did I Do Enough?

Occasionally I forget to log a new password in my books—convinced I’ll remember—only to require a reset the next time I log in. Some of these resets arrive in an [...]
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A Cornhole Professional

This past weekend, I traveled with friends to Green Bay, Wisconsin, to visit my best friend. After a long six-hour car ride, we surprised her and made plans to go [...]
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The “What Ifs”

I read—a lot.  I lean toward fiction, and I’m sure you’ve probably heard the saying, “there’s truth in fiction.”  Well, I tend to agree. And, sometimes it takes fiction to wake [...]
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It’s Wonderful to Meet You!

A note from Jane p.s. Madeline is a natural fit for Family Hope Foundation. She’s full of passion for our mission and has the skills and energy to make us stronger.  [...]
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A Message From The Team

Most nonprofits will admit it can be tough to find good board members. I consider us fortunate at Family Hope Foundation—we have a strong team. There have even been occasions [...]
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His, Not Mine

My phone rang—the ringtone reserved for my son’s school.   The ringtone that always makes my stomach knot—just a little.  Relief.  The call wasn’t any of the worst-case scenarios I jumped to. Somehow, I sent my [...]
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