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We made changes…and we’re excited!

Dear friends,  I’ll always remember, as a Make-A-Wish volunteer, meeting Wish kids for the first time and learning more about their hopes and dreams and wishes. I’ll always remember, as [...]
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It’s Wonderful to Meet You!

A note from Jane p.s. Madeline is a natural fit for Family Hope Foundation. She’s full of passion for our mission and has the skills and energy to make us stronger.  [...]
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A Message From The Team

Most nonprofits will admit it can be tough to find good board members. I consider us fortunate at Family Hope Foundation—we have a strong team. There have even been occasions [...]
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Lisa’s Quality Rags

Lisa’s Quality Rags has faithfully supported Family Hope Foundation since 2016. We are grateful for Lisa’s business’s investment in Family Hope Foundation over the years. Lisa has autism, but that [...]
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The Gift of Mobility and Adventure

It’s a pretty special moment when a donor approaches an organization offering to make a special gift that will enhance mobility for individuals who want to fully experience our beautiful [...]
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Celebrating Collaboration

West Michigan is a place of beauty, community, support, and collaboration. I am constantly reminded of the uniqueness of our region through the many talented community leaders who invest themselves [...]
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Lisa Miller: Welcome to the Team

A West Michigan Native, Lisa studied business and sales at Davenport College. She then embarked on a career focused in sales. With a heart for service, Lisa transitioned from the [...]
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