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The Gift of Self Esteem

We all have something to say. We all have our own way of saying it. And that is beautiful. That makes the world a better, more diverse place. In December [...]
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The Gift of Strength

At age five, Eliana flew from Ghana to live in Michigan with her new family. Her nickname, which she prefers, is Kosie. It is similar to her Ghanaian name, Akos. [...]
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The Gift of Expression

“At four months of age, Ruby was diagnosed as hypotonic, and an MRI two months later showed microcephaly (an abnormally small head) and Leukoencephalopathy (decreased white matter in the brain). [...]
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The Gift of Mobility

“Parker Ann was a happy baby, though she wasn’t meeting the typical milestones of sitting up, rolling over, and crawling. At ten months old, she was officially diagnosed with Agenesis [...]
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The Gift of Peace

Marissa is a girl on the move. She loves going places…museums, camping, parks, and any place with a Merry-Go-Round. If it were up to Marissa, she would have plans booked [...]
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The Gift of Independence

“Being a teenager is hard. Being a teenager with spina bifida has its share of unique challenges. When Gramm was little, it was exciting to see his independence and skills [...]
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The Gift of Communication

“Thank you will never do justice to express our sincere gratitude for blessing James with this scholarship. We wanted to use the scholarship to enable James to learn sign language [...]
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