Designated Scholarship Program

The Family Hope Foundation Designated Scholarship Program gives organizations, service clubs, groups, businesses, and individuals a way to make a true difference and feel confident that their contribution is creating change and impacting lives.

Each year, we provide scholarships to a growing number of families, thanks to the support of our generous donors. Scholarships provide financial support to families and are “the gift of ability” for the children who receive them.

What is the Designated Scholarship Program?

The Designated Scholarship Program allows individuals or organizations an opportunity to designate their support to families seeking assistance for a specific therapy or diagnosis by sponsoring a scholarship through Family Hope Foundation’s scholarship program.

Gifts made through the Designated Scholarship Program must fund at least one scholarship in the amount of $1,000. Donors may sponsor more than one scholarship and are able to indicate different criteria for each scholarship if they choose.

Family Hope Foundation has two scholarship cycles per year, and each Designated Scholarship Program donor may choose to fund a scholarship during one or both cycles. Specific criteria for each scholarship will be set by the organization or individual donor and the recipient of the scholarship will be chosen by our scholarship committee based on the established criteria.

Why choose to give through the Designated Scholarship Program?

The Designated Scholarship Program offers donors more ownership in how their gift is used. The program also offers a unique personal connection to their scholarship recipient because, once a recipient is selected, the donor will be given information about the child, their diagnosis, the type of therapy needed, and how that therapy will benefit the child.

This gives donors a first-hand look into how their gift is making an impact by giving a child the gift of ability. In addition to the more personalized giving experience the Designated Scholarship Program offers, donors and recipients of the program have the opportunity to be highlighted in Family Hope Foundation’s newsletter and on our website and social media if they desire.

Supporting Family Hope Foundation’s scholarship program in any capacity helps us to continue our support of families throughout the community in an influential way. Supporting the Designated Scholarship Program allows you to have a more targeted impact and offers you an opportunity to be more engaged in the giving process. Whether you choose to support our general scholarship fund or decide to establish your own Designated Scholarship Program, the difference you will make within our community will be immeasurable.

Ready to set up your own Designated Scholarship Program or need more information? Please submit the form below, and a Designated Scholarship Program representative will contact you. Or click here to return to our general donation page to make a donation to the general scholarship fund.

Questions? Contact our Executive Director, Jane Eppard, at (616) 729-8833.

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Thank you for your interest in the Designated Scholarship Program. Your desire to positively impact the lives of children with disabilities and their families is extraordinary.

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