Good Scaffolding

Good Scaffolding

by Jane Eppard

So, our logo is more than a leaf.  It represents a community that invests in the ability of children.

During a parent-teacher conference, my daughter’s fourth-grade teacher described her as having “good scaffolding.”  She’s 22 years old, and I still think about this conversation.  
She was fortunate to grow up with relationships that invested in her learning, confidence, and self-discovery.
Good scaffolding – this foundation will serve her well as she graduates in May and begins to make her mark in this world – as a teacher in special education.
This memory has me thinking about Family Hope Foundation. 
Have you ever thought about the significance of our logo?  

It’s more than a leaf.  
Much more.  
The logo embodies growth, hope, and community.  
It represents GOOD scaffolding.
Within each leaf is a hand. These hands represent a piece of the scaffolding that invests in a child’s success
Raising a child takes work. When you have a child with a disability, there is an additional layer.
Each handprint is essential. They represent the resources that ensure each child and family feels supported. It’s a community.
Since 2010 Family Hope Foundation has invested in the ability and potential of children with disabilities.  
Each child’s needs are unique, but Family Hope Foundation is a constant. 
We believe in HOPE.
We believe in ABILITY.
We are here to INVEST.
So, our logo is more than a leaf.  It represents a community that invests in the ability of children. 
It’s GOOD scaffolding.
And it’s essential.

Thank you,

Jane Eppard
Executive Director

P.S. Our logo is more than a leaf. It represents a broad and committed community, with Family Hope Foundation at its core. It provides the framework that children and families need to feel supported.  It’s good scaffolding!

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