His, Not Mine

His, Not Mine

by Jane Eppard

…and that’s when it struck me—my son has dreams. Dreams that are HIS. They are no longer just MINE.

My phone rang—the ringtone reserved for my son’s school.  
The ringtone that always makes my stomach knot—just a little. 

The call wasn’t any of the worst-case scenarios I jumped to. Somehow, I sent my son to school with an empty lunch cube. He wasn’t thrilled, but he rolled with it—a win.
Relieved but embarrassed, we had a good chuckle then his teacher asked if I had a moment to chat. 
Again, that knot came back.

She wanted to share a few of my son’s responses to an independent living assessment.  He’s firm about where he wants to work – Red Robin.  He’d like to have an apartment, just not yet—whew.  And when she asked him if he’d like to have a girlfriend, his face lit up.  With the biggest smile, he said, “I’d like that.” His teacher stressed that he’s doing a great job of advocating for himself—expressing what HE wants.  

We hung up, and I stewed on that conversation for a bit. And that’s when it struck me—my son has dreams. Dreams that are HIS. They are no longer just MINE.

Letting this sink in, I started to wonder how many people with disabilities are able to express their dreams and have them supported. 

Well, I don’t know the actual statistics, but I can tell you my answer.  

It should be every single one of them.

At Family Hope Foundation, we put an emphasis on a person’s ability, not their limitations. We invest in ability because we know what IS possible. We see the outcomes from scholarship recipients—the wins

Scholarships give families access to a wide range of therapies. These therapies help equip each child with the tools they need to achieve their absolute best.

To open a world of possibilities.

To pave the way for dreams.

Dreams add meaning to life—giving us something to chase—they come packaged in HOPE

Something seemingly small can be monumental to one person.   

That’s what makes them so special—necessary. 

Our community is a better, more vibrant place when we honor everyone’s abilities. We are stronger when we take pride in a wide range of gifts. This perspective helps paves the way for dreams to unfold.

I love the work we do at Family Hope Foundation. I am grateful my son’s teacher gave me another lens to view our mission through. We’re doing more than investing in ability. We’re investing in dreams.


Jane Eppard
Executive Director

P.S. DREAMS—they are as colorful and unique as the person holding them. Every person deserves to dream. We invest in potential because we know what IS possible.

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