Where "Shhhhh!" isn't allowed!

Family Hope Foundation and Celebration! Cinema present a unique movie experience for individuals with special needs and their families. 

Enjoy a disability-friendly environment where everyone is welcome to be who they are!


Family Movie - 3

With an audience of your peers, special families can enjoy something fun together that you might not typically be able to do. Brighter lights, lower sound, limited previews and a group of people who understand your child’s disability will make this family outing enjoyable for everyone!

  • 10:30 a.m. showing
  • Regular matinee pricing - Friends of Family Hope Foundation, click here to print a barcode for $2 off the ticket price! 
  • all movies in 2D and Open Caption
  • Seating questions can be directed to the box office

Theatres now participating are:  

  • Celebration! Cinema North in Grand Rapids
  • Celebration! Cinema South in Grand Rapids
  • Celebration! Cinema Crossroads in Portage
  • Celebration! Cinema Lansing
  • Celebration! Cinema Mt. Pleasant
  • Celebration! Cinema Benton Harbor
  • Cinema Carousel in Muskegon


  • March 23 - Wonder Park
  • April 6 - Dumbo
  • April 20 - Missing Link
  • May 11 - Ugly Dolls
  • May 18 Pokemon -  Detective Pikachu
  • June 1 - Aladdin
  • June 15 - The Secret Life of Pets
  • June 29 - Toy Story 4
  • July 27 - The Lion King


Upcoming Events!


Family Day with the West Michigan White Caps on Sunday, May 19 at 2:00pm!  Stay tuned for details on how to sign up as the date gets closer!

What you can look forward to:  An all-you-can-eat lunch with hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and drinks…what is not to like about that?  Well, add in a private deck to watch the West Michigan White Caps…and it keeps getting better!  Families will have a chance to get players’ autographs, run/wheel around the bases after the game, private behind-the-scenes tours of the scoreboard, face painting, and pictures with the mascot Crash…now that is a great family day!  Said the Hartwell family of this event, 

“Our family would like to thank you for the wonderful family day at the Whitecaps! My husband and older son usually go to a game each year together, which is nice because they get some time alone…but that began after trying to attend a game as a family and having it go horribly. We are grateful because we felt relaxed and we enjoyed the game, just like the families in the stands. The Pioneer Deck made it possible for our son Mikey to watch the game the way he feels most comfortable. He was able to walk around, sling his slinky, rock back and forth and make his loud and happy sounds! It was outstanding! We also enjoyed the food and atmosphere of being with so many families like our own. It was nice to meet new families and receive hugs from those we've gotten to know in the disability community over the years. Thank you so much for making our kids feel like VIPs, making food and bathroom trips not a nightmare, but easy and successful, and for giving us wonderful memories of watching a game together! We are truly grateful.”

Dan & Melissa Hartwell


Whitecaps Hartwell family 1   Whitecaps Hartwell family 5  






 Our son Gramm has Spina Bifida. Through a scholarship from Family Hope Foundation, he is receiving therapy from Amy Wallenburg at 1 Plus 1 therapy. We could sense Amy's commitment and determination from the very beginning. That assurance revealed itself following one of Gramm's latest intensive therapy sessions. He is now beginning to walk around home and church with only one cane—using his free hand to carry a book or hold his mom's hand. What an indescribable joy!

-The Hulst Family