The Gift of Communication

“Thank you will never do justice to express our sincere gratitude for blessing James with this scholarship. We wanted to use the scholarship to enable James to learn sign language so he has a way to communicate once he loses his hearing. It is important to equip my son for his future. I never want his world to feel so shaken or challenging that he doesn’t have a means to communicate or to have a voice. With his hearing loss, even with the use of hearing aids, there will be so many environments where they will not help.

We don’t want James left in the quiet and confusion, unable to communicate with anyone, even mom and dad. Learning sign language as our family’s second language, we can always be there to communicate with him.

We will forever be grateful for this gift, and we hope that with a new way of communication, we will also be able to give back in the future within the deaf and special needs communities.

Without this scholarship, we would not be able to afford the therapy to learn sign language. We would be left with the alternative: quiet, confusion, and a shaken world for James. This scholarship is giving our child and family the ability to communicate. That is why ‘thank you’ will never be sufficient.“

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