Our staff of therapists, counselors and teachers offers private therapy sessions, tutoring, and workshops to improve independence. Speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists and teachers give your child the individual attention that encourages growth. Speech-language therapy can help with communication and language disorders, articulation, auditory processing, fluency, voice, hearing impairments, and development of nonverbal skills. Occupational therapy improves activities of daily living by addressing sensory disorders, sensory integration, core strength, and fine and gross motor skills. Social work and psychology can help children and adults adapt to life situations.

Complete educational testing including ADD/ADHD evaluations are available. Achievement and ability evaluations are available for clients of all ages. Diagnostic, treatment and prevention services are available.

Since 1982, our Therapy and Fun summer clinic for young children with special needs has insured year-round learning and progress. The clinic runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings throughout the summer. Speech-language, motor and sensory therapies are integrated for maximum progress. A sliding fee based on household income is offered to families when insurance will not cover therapy provided. Enrollment begins in April. Weekly Parent/Family Workshops offer support, respite and education to family members.

During the school year, our therapists deliver special education services to more than 300 students across West Michigan.

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