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South Shore Speech, LLC

South Shore Speech, LLC provides children with a unique, experience based, individualized speech and language treatment program designed to improve the child’s communication skills in the family, at school and [...]
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Sound Body, Sound Brain LLC

Sound Body, Sound Brain offers the following therapies: Feldenkrais, Acupressure, Craniosacral, Neurofeedback, & Listening Program Certified.  Sound Body, Sound Brain: Somatic Education Center is and has been a leader in [...]
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SLD Read

SLD Read is a non-profit community resource established to provide literary support for students and individuals who have not succeeded with traditional teaching methods. We help individuals with dyslexia, learning [...]
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Sensory Systems Clinic West, PLC

Comprehensive evaluation and research based, client-centered occupational therapy using highly motivating activities in a sensory gym utilizing suspended equipment. Treatment is provided for children and adults that may have difficulty [...]
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Mark Scheffers, LMSW

Having difficulty with a relationship that is important to you? With a child whose behavior doesn’t make sense and makes you feel like you are failing as a parent? Dr. [...]
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Roots and Wings Therapies/ Headstrong SLP

The team at Roots and Wings Therapies consists of two experienced Occupational Therapists who share a space with partner and Speech Language Pathologist, Headstrong SLP. It is our mission to [...]
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Renew Therapeutic Riding Center

Therapeutic horsemanship lessons provided by PATH Intl. Certified Instructors.  The mission of Renew Therapeutic Riding Center is to enhance the well-being of individuals in our community through the physical, cognitive, [...]
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Reading Success Plus LLC

Reading Success Plus is a team of specialists ready to help struggling or dyslexic adults and children who have not succeeded with traditional learning methods. We offer specialized tutoring in [...]
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Paper Plane Therapies

Occupational Therapists help children reach their fullest potential within their “occupations” or daily activities. For children, these daily activities include play, learning and socialization. Sometimes, challenges in the areas of [...]
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