Reading Success Plus is a team of specialists ready to help struggling or dyslexic adults and children who have not succeeded with traditional learning methods. We offer specialized tutoring in reading, writing, grammar, spelling, fluency, comprehension and math. Our compassionate tutors are trained to use the Orton-Gillingham (aka Structured Literacy) method of instruction for both reading, spelling and math, which is the only research and evidence based proven method to teach struggling students and dyslexics. For individuals who are missing the pre-reading skill of phonemic awareness we use the Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing ProgramÒ (LiPSÒ) prior to the Orton-Gillingham phonics program. All of our programs utilize a multisensory approach.

We offer intensive one-on-one tutoring in person and online. The student will work with the same tutor throughout the duration of the program. We provide screening, consulting, push-in and pull-out programs as well as professional learning/development on dyslexia to companies, service organizations and schools.

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