Board Member Catie Cordero : Being a Part of Something Special

Board Member Catie Cordero: Being a Part of Something Special

by Jane Eppard | 12.05.2020

Hello, my name is Catie Cordero. I serve on the Marketing Committee for Family Hope Foundation. It is an honor to serve on the board and help children obtain the therapy they not only need, but also deserve. My nephew, Levi, has special needs, and he continues to need weekly therapy. So, I understand how important scholarships and therapy are for families. Therapy is expensive, but therapy makes a difference. My nephew is walking and climbing, things the doctors did not know if he would ever be able to do, but therapy and the support of his parents has made it possible. I am passionate about giving children the tools they need to grow and learn. Because they can grow and learn! They can defy the barriers of a diagnosis. Family Hope Foundation turns possibilities into realities…and I get to be a part of that! 

In addition to volunteering for Family Hope Foundation, I am a full-time author and copywriter. I have published five books so far, two of which are children’s books. My favorite children’s book is called Superhero Levi, which is about my nephew. My novels are Historical Suspense and set in the 1920’s. I love the roaring era with all the flappers and tin Lizzies. Currently, I am working on a sequel to my newest series, which picks up after WWI. Basically, I am always writing something.

When I am not working, I am with my family – my husband and two children. We love taking nature trail hikes and visiting orchards. We live in the country and raise chickens. Currently, we have 18 feathery friends. In the house, we have a crazy miniature schnauzer, a cat, a guinea pig, and one leopard gecko. I think we might have too many pets at this point in time. I have a real soft spot for animals. 

My greatest weakness though is Christmas. I am a Christmas fanatic. I usually start listening to holiday tunes in August or September, and my Christmas decorations come out the day after Halloween. Once, I even set up my Christmas tree while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. I have a problem…we are looking into it! 

That about sums me up…Family Hope Foundation, Writing, Family, Animals and Christmas. 

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