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Silence isn’t bliss

There was a time when I thought silence was bliss. But then my son stopped talking. It wasn’t sudden—a slow progression over the last year. Now, the silence in my [...]
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Tools for Success

Difficulty with transitions, needing extra time on activities, having problems with writing and communicating, and learning appropriate interactions with peers— these are just a few of the struggles we started [...]
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Jane’s Story

Last year, I celebrated five years as Family Hope Foundation’s Executive Director. But I’ve been linked to the organization since it was just a dream - a spark yet to [...]
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Day Sixty-Three

On May 12, 2013, Asher arrived abruptly at 27 weeks, weighing just two pounds. Because the initial picture was bleak, Asher was sent immediately to the NICU. His APGAR score [...]
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Opening a Whole New World

When you are visually impaired, the world can be a scary place. Maria was afraid to touch, explore, and interact with her surroundings. Moreover, Maria exhibited repetitive behaviors observed in [...]
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A Million Dollar Smile

Aidan was such a sweet, carefree baby; until he wasn't.  Around one year old, he developed bronchitis and pneumonia frequently, and no doctor could tell us why.  We were shuffled [...]
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Growing Together as a Family

When Forrest was about six months old, we noticed he was overly responsive to loud noises. He would become inconsolable at things like dogs barking or kids laughing. He struggled [...]
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Finding Our Way Back

The pandemic was a perfect storm for Liam.  He struggled with emotional trauma, new and worsening mental health issues, and two years of profound learning loss that resulted in significant [...]
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