The “What Ifs”

The “What Ifs”

by Jane Eppard

“When families work through their what ifs, being part of a supportive community isn’t just important—it’s essential.”

I read—a lot.

I lean toward fiction, and I’m sure you’ve probably heard the saying, “there’s truth in fiction.” 

Well, I tend to agree. And, sometimes it takes fiction to wake me up to some aspects of my reality.

Case in point—a line in a recent book read, “Anxiety can be very convincing. Don’t believe what it is telling you.”

Yes—this is me— and it should become my mantra!

Why, you may ask, friend?

Well, my son recently experienced some BIG wins like:

  • Starting his first job working with the DNR at the State Park
  • Working with a job coach (who happens to be a counselor at his high school)
  • Earning his first paycheck

His summer job was lined up a month before the end of school. I knew this was a great opportunity, and I was excited—very excited for him.  

But there was a corner in my mind filled with “what ifs.” Allowing these “what ifs” to occupy way too much headspace, I emailed his teacher confessing my angst.  

She called, reminding me of the following:

  • He’s a hard worker and very capable
  • His job coach is there to make sure he’s successful
  • Bumps in the road are expected—that’s how he’ll learn

A calm settled in. He has a team working to ensure his success.

Our conversation reminded me of the importance of community—something I write about often—because it’s absolutely essential to Family Hope Foundation’s mission. 

I know our families also cycle through the “what ifs” as they face challenges and search for the support their child needs.

This is where our organization steps in, reminding families that:

  • They’re NOT ALONE
  • We believe in their child’s ABILITY
  • We’re here to offer HOPE and tangible SUPPORT

Faith received a scholarship this spring, and her mom is finding comfort through our community.

“Family Hope Foundation’s Scholarship has been such a blessing to our family. To be part of a community has made this journey less lonely. Having some of the financial burden of therapy lifted is encouraging. We can move forward with peace of mind and focus on supporting Faith.”

The “what ifs.”

When families work through their “what ifs.” being part of a supportive community isn’t just important—it’s essential.

Jane Eppard
Executive Director

p.s The “what ifs” will come and go, but Faith’s mom is now plugged into Family Hope Foundation—a community that supports her family.  Lifting some financial burden and knowing she isn’t alone in her journey is a priceless feeling.

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