Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

by Jane Eppard | 12.05.2020

When I opened the letter from Family Hope Foundation and read that he received a scholarship, I cried.

From an early age, we knew that our child was going to need to be immersed in a wide variety of therapies to help him grow, learn, and work through and around the challenges that he faces to communicate and function in the world.  When I opened the letter from Family Hope Foundation and read that he received a scholarship, I cried.  Over the years, financially and emotionally, we have fought so hard for him to get the services he needs, and so it is difficult to put into words how much it means to receive this support from the Family Hope Foundation.  Hippotherapy at Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center has made such a positive impact on our son’s development.  Learning to be around, take care of, communicate with, and maneuver and control a horse has been an amazing learning experience.  We have seen so much growth and challenges are now opportunities!  We are grateful that Family Hope Foundation has so generously helped to make this possible. 

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